Caboose should be the only ttt map

all the other ones are bad

What makes caboose such a good map?

its on a train and it has basically every gun. it also has tactical awareness grenades so you can be tactically aware. the map itself is pretty cool and some of the better guns are actually harder to get, like the m4a1s on an invisible box. theres a taser that spawns on the map too so that can make things more interesting because you dont have to buy it. there are multiple places with lots of different pistols so its not all just glocks and deagles like some maps. there arent any weird op secrets or t rooms to worry about. what more could you want in a map? also invisible ladders are cool too

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Yah there definitely isn’t a secret taser and easy to access autos. Definitely isn’t a secret room full of every single type of grenade. Oh and don’t even get me started on the fact that camping is definitely not possible, and the floor is very sturdy you have completely free movement on the level. Did I mention the level never shakes violently ruining your camera and aim? Yeah man it’s a big relief it never does that!

im not sure how a taser literally in the open and a timed event are secrets but ok