VIP Benefits + F.A.Q

VIP Commands

  • /dm - Send a direct message to another player. Anyone can reply with /r
  • /vm - VIP/admin chat

Jailbreak Benefits

  • Laser & paint colors access
  • Guard queue priority
  • Warden/deputy bullet impact sparks
  • !refuse & !repeat will play a sound
  • Extra heal, repeat and refuse
  • Greater chance of escaping cuffs
  • Immunity from warden mutes

Discord Benefits

  • !color - Ability to set a role color. Boosting our discord with nitro will also give you access.
  • Bronze VIP, Silver VIP, or Gold VIP role for life.
  • VIP role for the duration of your VIP. The VIP role grants access to the #vip channel as well as !color.


  • Free items in /store applies to the majority of items however some items may have a fee.
  • We may add or remove any benefit at anytime.
  • If you leave the discord you will not be reissued VIP roles unless you are an active VIP.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for VIP to be added to my account?
Usually less than 24 hours. If 24 hours have passed and you still have not received your VIP please submit a Support Request or contact Mark#2964 on discord.

How do I find a steam id 64 ?
You can find a steam id 64 by going here and inputting for example the profile url or other identifier.

Do you accept skins for VIP?
Yes, however it will be double the price as skins require extra processing and market value can change. For example Bronze is normally $3.99 so in order to get Bronze VIP for 1 month you would need to send a skin worth around $8. If you wanted 3 months of Bronze you would need to send a skin worth around $24.

Send all trade offers to DEFY | Mark ( and ensure that you include which VIP, the Length of time, and which server if it is Bronze VIP included as a trade message. Furthermore do not send a trade with a ton of cheap skins max 3 skins.

Do you accept !points for VIP?
Yes, however only Mark is authorized to issue VIP through points. Please ensure that you are sending the points to Mark(Steam Community :: DEFY | Mark) and not some impersonator.

Bronze VIP (1 Month): 4000 points
Silver VIP (1 Month): 7000 points
Gold VIP (1 Month): 11000 points